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Transfer Day 1 Saturday November 11 7pm

Each DoF gets £50 million plus their surplus money from the previous auction

Round 1

The bottom 3 DoFs  have a mini auction between

themselves of TWO rounds.

Lots will be drawn to see who nominates first and second

One DoF will not have a nomination


Round 2

All DoFs then take part in main auction

Nominations then take place in league order going from 4th bottom to top then reverse order from top to 15th

There will be TWO rounds of bidding

If no one bids on a player the DoF who nominated him gets that player on a free.


Round 3

After the two rounds are complete the DoFs take it in turns, as per the bidding rounds, to get players on a free transfer.

So 15th DoF gets first choice, then 14th etc

There is no limit to how many players DoFs can change.

You can change your star player if you wish and choose your new starting XI and subs for matches beginning November 25

Points for your new team will start from Saturday November 25

Transfer Day 1

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