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Auction Rules Season 23/24

Sunday August 6 11am 
Be Prepared!

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You have £500 million to spend

Each squad must consist of a Manager, a Keeper, 4 Defenders, 6 Attackers  plus 2 substitutes ( 1 defender and 1 attacker)

* Your 6 attackers are formed from the midfielders list and the strikers list. You can have as many or as few midfielders/ strikers as you like to make up the 6. e,g, 2 midfielders 4 strikers, or 5 midfielders and 1 striker or 6 strikers and 0 midfielders. But remember only midfielders score points for tackles made.

The first round in the auction will be a sealed bid round.

There will then be 6 auction bidding rounds

After the 6 rounds there will be as many free transfer rounds as necessary for everyone to complete their squads 

If no one bids for a nominated player or manager the DoF nominating that player / manager gets to keep him on a free transfer

When you have completed your squad you must then pick your starting X1 and nominate your Star Player and Young Pretender -remaining players will be your substitutes.

There will be a ballot to see who starts the nomination




Managers score 5 points for a win and 2 point for a draw.

If they are sent to the stands or red carded after the game -5 points


If you lose your manager then you have to nominate any other available manager. 

If no one else wants to bid for that manager then you get that manager.

If someone else bids for your nominated manager then an auctin is held.

Sealed Bid



































A player will be selected for the first round.

DoF's will then write down their bid to the auction master.

DoF's do not have to bid in this sealed bid round.

All bids are read out 

The highest bid gets that player and the  bid value is deducted from the DoF budget in the usual way

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