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Grand Final

Grand Final Rules


First choose a team who you have not chosen before who you think will NOT lose.


.Then look at the other 9 games not involving the team you have just chosen and put in order from 1-9 the teams you think will WIN. where 1 is the team you are most confident will win and 9 is the team you are least confident will win

In this example both Tommy and Katy get through to the second section because their tenth pick of the season did not lose.

Their first 2 picks both win but Tommy's third pick only draw while Katy's selection wins.

Katy is the winner.

If there is a tie between two or more people the next results are looked at with Draws counting better than a lose.


Will you be The Last One Standing!

  • If your team doesn't lose then you are through to the next round

  • However in future rounds you may not select a team you have previously selected 

  • Your selection must be submitted the day before the matches start

  • if more than one person is The Last One Standing there will be a play off final

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