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Moore Fantasy Football

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jon champion and final day drama


As expected, Jon was crowned champion for the second year running. Congratulations to him and Vicky who came second.

The race for third was exciting with Colin trying to hold on but at various points throughout the final day Majo and Cian were third. However Colin held on despite having only three players playing. In the end it was very tight and if Kane had scored one more goal Cian would have finished third!

As it is Cian finished higher than anyone ever before who was in the bottom three in February!

George scored 114 points on the final day to propel himself into 9th.

In the cup Majo beat Dave in a tight encounter 41 -38.


Next season's auction day will be Sunday August 7

See the points scored this week


Check out what happened on the last day of the season!

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George gets SEVEN!

Jon and George met in the Gazing final on May 22!

At one point Jon had 8 correct but finally it was George 6 and Jon 7 who won it!


The Last One Standing

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