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For the first time in history someone scored 100 points in one week! Chris banked on his star player to perform for his boost and he delivered a hat trick! Interestingly had Haaland not played Chris would have been the lowest scorer this week!

Vicky beat Majo 4-2 in Crystal Gazing and both of them scored over 50 points too along with Mick who moved to third just behind Cian.

Colin and Ken may be happy to be in 4th and 5th at the moment!

There are just 4 match rounds left before the table is locked and the top 3 have to swap a player with the bottom 3 at our Transfer Day on March 5. Although if you have Arsenal or Man City players they have an extra game in February. 

Cian moved up to second in a high scoring week with 10 people getting over 30 points.

Mal beat Chris 4-4 with Mal having one correct score.

This weekend it's Majose  v Vicky

The FA Cup 3rd round saw four premier league teams crash out. If you had players in those teams they wont be getting points for you in the next round!

DiAl top scored with 52 but Jon scored only 9. 

Cian moved to within one point of Colin and they both leapfrogged Mick who slipped to fourth.

The bottom 3 scored well but look unlikely to be out of their position by Transfer Day.

It's back to the league this weekend starting on Friday.

Crystal Gazing will be between Chris and Mal/Max!

Sarah scored a massive 64 points this week to move up to 6th after her star player Kane scored 23 points! Mick is up to second and Cian is 3 points off 4th. Chris has a healthy 51 point lead at the top. ken remains 5th.

Darren beat Sarah 4-3 in the first round of our new Crystal Gazing game.

It's the FA Cup this weekend! Best of luck with that!

Another high scoring week with 6 people getting 40 or more points. Chris is still top by 40 points with Colin, Mick, Cian and Ken all hoping for a slip up.

More games start today!!

EIGHT more match rounds until Transfer Day 2

Colin, Cian, Ken and Jon all scored 46 points with Vicky amassing 48 points!

However they were all trumped by Chris who thanks to Haaland's two goals totalled 62 points!

Next fixtures recommence on Friday 30 December

Our brand new Crystal Gazing game starts on Tuesday Jan 2 with Sarah taking on Darren!

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