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Christmas Report

Chris and Cian 

Strong all round team performance with only Kompany under performing 

Star Player Costa 168 out of 639 points =26% of total points

Christmas Rating : Turkey with all the trimmings


Was top for a few weeks but over reliant on Sanchez and Ozil and would be top if he had chosen Sanchez as Star Player. Needs a decent forward to challenge for the title and is not likely to get one

Star Player Ozil 107 /  619 = 17%

Christmas Rating : Fairy near the top of the Christmas tree with broken wings


Steadily moving up the table despite having two strikers with less than 10 points, his star player currently injured and has Bilic as his manager

Star Player Coutinho 108 / 598 = 18%

Christmas Rating An X-box with the promise of some new games


Even with Jagielka in his side he's still 4th and with Hazard as his star player and a strong all round team Darren could be in with a title chance

Star Player Hazard 155 / 592 = 26% 

Christmas Rating Prosecco but would have preferred Moet 


Deja Vu and Groundhog Day with Vic once again near the top of the table. Can she finish top this year? If Corzola and Aguero get playing again then who knows?

Star Player Aguero 111 / 583 = 19%

Christmas Rating  Bath Foam ( which you got last year and before that..etc!)


Solid but unspectacular so far this season for The Professor. Seven players scoring below 50 points could mean activity in the final transfer window

Star Player Kane 98 / 571 = 17%

Christmas Rating That jumper you've been looking forward to but its got holes in 


Started well but you know you're in trouble when Walcott is your star player. Strike force looks weak. Needs to show up in February!

Star Player Walcott 119 / 561 = 21%

Christmas Rating Plane ticket to get to February transfer window


Everyone is still trying to work out the meaning of his team name and Jon is still trying to work out why he chose Mahrez as star player and not Mane. He would be about 50 points better off by now.

Star Player Mahrez 92 / 545 = 17%

Christmas Rating Two DVDs Leicester winning the Premier League and Leicester this season


Splashed out 128 million on Ibrahimovic and it looks like money well spent but at what cost to the rest of the team?

Star Player Ibrahimovic 127 / 536 = 24%

Christmas Gift Jose Mourinho's address so he can tell him how to spell -Mkhitaryan, H


Looks to be off the pace for title hopes and has been unlucky that Vardy hasn't repeated last year's form. Has only three players over 60 points

Star Player Vardy 98 / 505 = 19%

Christmas Rating A luxury box of Christmas crackers which says 'Contents may vary'


Was top early on but has failed to live up to his team name. If he continues like this he could pick up a player from the top three in February. Has been unlucky with injury to Alderweireld and needs Giroud to play regularly

Star Player De Bruyne 122 / 502 = 24%

Christmas Rating   A handkerchief for the nosebleed he suffered when going top


Disappointing after his good showing in the Euros.Two of his strikers hardly play and Adrian and Matip in defence are no longer first team regulars

Star Player Eriksen  113 / 459 = 25%

Christmas Rating a box of chocolates with just the Turkish Delight left


Had to pick after the auction which explains his position. Unlucky that Swansea big signing Baston is pants and should have chosen Antonio. Swansea manager got sacked and he is currently in negative with his managers. Best hope is a cup run

Star Player  Sterling 95 / 350 = 27%

Christmas Rating Christmas Double Issue of the Radio Times (which has been held up in the post)

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