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The league gets interesting going into the World Cup break! Chris's lead at the top is down to 27 points with the chasing four all scoring over 40 points. George top scored with 47 this week. Meanwhile Darren is on to his THIRD manager this season- a bit like Prime Ministers! See you after Christmas!

Cian top scored again with 55 points to move closer to the league summit. George also moved away from the bottom 3 with 55 points. Ken is back to form this season and is in 5th spot after changing his star player to the free scoring Almiron - so still HappyDiaz! But Chris keeps on motoring at the top with Haaland coming off the bench to score yet again. Mick stumbled this week and dropped to third after his star player was helping police with their enquiries about irregular betting. Only one week of Premier League action until the World Cup break. See the last round of fixtures and the games after Christmas.

A high scoring week with 15 DoFs getting over 30 and four getting over 50. Cian top scored with 52 to move 4th. Colin scored 51 to move a little closer to Mick and Chris at the top. 

Darren won Predicta Score and Jon beat Ken and Mick in the tie break question about Valencia.

Just 2 more match days before the World Cup with your new teams scoring points from November 5. Next update will be on November 7.

World Cup Auction Sunday November 20

Chris maintained his lead at the top scoring 40 points while Mick and Colin held off other challengers to remain 2nd and 3rd with 39 and 38 points respectively.

Two previous league winners moved into 4th and 5th as Jon and Dave scored well this week. But Cian, Ken, Vicky and Max are not far behind.

Check out Akinfenwa's brilliant message to Cian!

There are only 3 more match days until the break for the World Cup. Unfortunately Haaland cant get injured there cos he is not at the World Cup! 

That means only 4 more weeks until our World Cup Fantasy Auction!

This weekend sees Transfer Day 1. It begins at 11am unless you are in Ecuador! Don't forget you get an extra hour's lie in too this weekend! (unless you are in Ecuador!)

Also on Sunday we introduce our brand new updated Crystal Gazing! There will be a Special Predicta Score! Transfer Day details here

Gerrard sacked! Ben off the bottom as Allison scores 13 points. Jon up to 6th

Jon 45 and Vicky 42 top score. Man City and Arsenal did not play.

Cian top scored this week with a huge 60 points-propelling him up to FOURTH!

But Mick maintained his superb start to the season scoring 58 points and moved within 14 points of Chris, who had a quiet week with Haaland not scoring.

Colin scored 56 points to keep third. 

In this week's mid week games Chris wont be getting any points from his star player and Colin will be pointless from his Arsenal quartet as the Arsenal v Man City game has been postponed.

Ben had his best week and looks set to move off the bottom with his star keeper managing a clean sheet and getting the assist for Salah's goal.

Mid week matches this week are all on Amazon Prime with the next update on Friday October 21.

Chris remains top but Mick is closing in on him after a massive 56 point week,

Colin remains third after 52 points with DiAl moving into 4th

Unfortunately for Ken it wont be HAPPY DIAZ until December as the striker will be out with an injury sustained against Arsenal.

Dave was third top scorer with 50 points

Darren has lost Bruno Lage from Wolves and has selected Ralf of Southampton.

Our Transfer Day 1 is upcoming on Sunday October 30 at 11am- the rules for transfer day and list of new players to the Premier League are on the website. Please let me know if you are unable to attend

The complete list of fixtures for October has also been updated.

Next update will be Monday October 17

World Cup Fantasy Auction will be Sunday November 20.


Haaland scored 35 points as star player this week-which was more EIGHT team totals this week!

So Chris increases his lead but there were strong performances from Vicky who top scored with 48 points and Cian and DiAl who both accumulated 40 points.

With Tuchel being sacked George has chosen Marsch as his new manager,

Darren has also lost Bruno Lage from Wolves.

Our Transfer Day 1 is upcoming on Sunday October 30 at 11am- the rules for transfer day and list of new players to the Premier League are on the website. Please let me know if you are unable to attend

The complete list of fixtures for October has also been updated.

Next update will be Tuesday October 11


Jon finally got points from his star player -although it didn't look great from the start with Son left on the bench. But in sensational style he crashed in a 15 minute hat trick after coming on in the second half to turn a tight game into a rout.

George lost his manager Tuchel and under this season's new rules had to either bid or choose a current manager. He chose Marsch of Leeds with Chris keeping Potter,who now manages Chelsea. Neither manager featured this week with 3 games being postponed.

Points will be allocated when the three games are rearranged.

Chris remains top with Mick just 27 points behind in second.

International break upcoming. Next fixtures October 1


Mick means business! Consolidating his great start to the season he notched up top score this week with 59 points to move just 40 points behind Chris in second place. Chris got his usual Haland goal!

Cian was next best scorer with 52 despite his star player Salah having another poor week.

Majo did well again following up her 40 point week in midweek with 48.

VAR didn't have a great weekend and the Premier League have decided to have VAR look at all VAR decisions from now on. So that should solve it.

Next manager to be sacked looks likely to be Brendan Rodgers. If so our very first mid season manager auction will happen. Who knows what it will look like? Will anyone bid? Will Rodgers not get sacked? Will I stop asking questions?


Chris top scored in midweek with 54 points with Colin second top scorer on 50

Chris is already 62 points ahead of Mick in second place.

Can anyone stop Chris or Haaland!

George's new Liverpool hero (while Thiago is injured!) is Fabio Carvalho-who scored a last minute winner coming on as sub-trouble is he is George's sub too!

Ken, back in form this season, and Max are 4th and 5th.

Majo and Ben (pictured on the way home at Bogota airport) are safely back in Quito and we wish them well and look forward to seeing them on zoom on Transfer Day 1

george carv crop.jpg

Colin top scored with 66 points this week despite only having one goal scored

Chris, Mick, Ken and Max all scored over 50 points and make up the top 4

A full programme of midweek matches start on Tuesday August 30

Next update will be Friday September 2

Auction Day for Fantasy World Cup will be Sunday November 20


Mick top scored with 59 points and went second. Can he stay there??

Chris maintained his great start with 45 points to be clear at the top by 26 points.

At the other end of the table Ben and Majo's first squad selections done in the UK are propping up the table. However they may get better fortune in the transfer window when they will be back in Ecuador!

Ben's star player, Alisson, has failed to keep a clean sheet yet and even Pep, Majo's star man, could only draw last Sunday.

But as everyone in the bottom half of the table is saying "It's early days"!!

Keep an eye on your subs as some have already outscored players in the first team

Majo is the first player to use a substitute this season.

Transfer Day 1 will be on Sunday October 30

Auction Day for Fantasy World Cup will be Sunday November 20


Chris stays top after scoring 118 points in the first two weeks- the best start by anyone in weeks 1 and 2 since records began (translated as 'I certainly can't remember a better start but it's too hot to check back!)

Tuchel and Conte both lost 3 points after Tuchel superglued his hand to Conte's after the match. If either get further punishment then they will not score while they are banned. Tuchel is the most likely to get banned for daring to criticize VAR for not penalising Romero pulling Cucarella's hair. Mike Dean who was on VAR duty said " I was going to send Cucarella off for having long hair but I wanted to let the game flow and I had a bet on Kane scoring in the last minute"

DiAl's plan of choosing players that Alex fancies seems to be paying off as DiAl move into second place. 

While Chris, DiAl and Ken all scored 50 points this week Colin, Salim and Jon were the lowest scorers scoring 21 and under.

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