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Fantasy Horse Racing

1st Ken £37900

2nd Vic £34000

3rd Chris

4th Cian

Watch the highlights video!



You will be invited to join at Zoom Racecourse at about 230pm

You start with £10,000

You will need FOUR sheets of paper

Write RACE 1, RACE 2, RACE 3 and RACE4 on the sheets

Before each race you will be shown the 8 horses, their recent form, what going they like and their odds.

On the relevant sheet write the name of the horse you want to back and whether for WIN., PLACE or SHOW

WIN = If your horse wins you get the odds times your stake

PLACE = If your horse comes either first or second you get the odds divided by two times your stake 

SHOW = If your horse comes first, second or third you get the odds divided by 3 times your stake

In all above  cases you also get your stake back

You may only bet on one horse each race

When Chris says bet now you must hold your sheet with your stake on to the camera

Winner is person with most money after race 4

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