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Keepy Up Super 8 Challenge

Who was the champion Keepy up Super 8er 

What was the total points accumulated ? 


Watch the video!

The super 8 challenge was

Left foot (1)

Right foot (1)

Left Thigh (1)

Right Thigh (1)

Left Shoulder (1)

Right shoulder (1)

Head (1) into Target (1)

Left and right were interchangeable


Well done to Max, Mia, Mal, Ben, Dave, Mick and Ken for correctly predicting that Max and Jordan would be the top point scorers!

Mick was also the nearest to the total points with 59 but honourable mention must go to Jon and Max who were also very close.

The number in column 4 shows how far away the prediction was

Congratulations to ....

Max and Jordan -both scored 8 super points!

Ben scored 6 points- and indoors!

Mal scored 5 points with a broken toe, Dave scored 5 with a golf ball and Jon got 5 and covered more ground than anyone else!

Chris scored a solid 4 in the hazy sunshine

Ken started in the morning and finished the next night-and after an altercation with the hedge he finally got his 4!

Mick had the most amazing shorts!

Cian had the best reaction!

Mia - persevered and finally got her 3!

Darren - decided to bounce his ball on the ground (the clue is in the name!) and had his video shot with a 1990 Nokia phone.

Rayme ordered a Mexico 86 football but ended up using  a toilet roll!

A big thanks to everyone for taking part!

The 14 entrants

We could have done with this to help us with the Keepy up challenge but here's Ken's Master Class on making the ball talk.

Please watch to the very end when Ken demonstrates his mastery of not just the ball but the hedge

Rayme demonstrates his brilliant Keepy Up skill with a satsuma.

Shame he missed out on the 8 by not hitting the target.

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