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Despite not a full programme  several people gained over 40 points with Majo the highest with 48

The top three are maintaining their positions -at the moment!

International break on March 25 weekend but we will return with a bang on April 1!

Our first Crystal Gazing quarter final between Alex and Mal

Round 6 of TLOS

The first round of the CUP!

Great Transfer Day 2 at Darren and Diane's!

Darren took Haaland but not before he had scored 300 points for Chris this season!

A massive cull of West Ham players -although Darren felt sorry at the end and picked up Moyes as his manager!

Chris held it all together and well done to those who zoomed and followed the action-special mention to Majo and Ben who not only got up at 5am for it but were also brilliantly prepared!

See how your new teams have performed on Monday March 13

See the Cup draw here

Jon beat Cian in a really exciting Crystal Gazing match 6-4

See all things Gazing here.

See the Gallery for Sunday 

Only 5 points separates 3rd 4th and 5th

Salim and Colin top score with 54 and 52 points

Only 7 left in Last One Standing after crazy results weekend

Dave beats Colin by one correct score after they both get 4 correct results in Crystal Gazing

Less than 2 weeks til Transfer Day

No Crystal Gazing or TLOS this weekend as there is not a full programme of matches

Transfer Day on Sunday March 5 will be hosted at Darren's and Diane's at 1030

The league is becoming intriguing! Although Chris is still favourite to win it teams are queuing up to challenge.

Cian caught up more points on Chris and Ken could end up in the top 3 as he is catching up Mick in third. Vicky moved above Sarah into 6th but both have good chances.

Only two more match rounds and FA Cup matches until Transfer Day!

Crystal Gazing saw Ben pip Mick 6-5. Check out the video of Dave and Colin discussing this weekend's matches chaired by Jon.

Also this week is the Second Round  of The Last One Standing! We've lost last year's finalist Majo and England striker Chris Sutton. Get your second round predictions in by Friday!

Mick continued his fine form by top scoring this week with 49 points.

Chris, Max, Vicky, Ben and Majo also scored 40 plus points

Only 3 match rounds until Transfer Day 2. who of the top teams will play their boosts!?

Crystal Gazing this week is Mick v Ben

Also this week is the start of The Last One Standing!

The 4th round of the FA Cup produced no shocks but its usual variable scores with Jon getting 36 points and Colin just 5!

Cian got 30 points and moved 90 points behind Chris at the top.

Ken moved above Colin into 4th place.

Only 4 more match rounds until Transfer Day 2 on March 5.

Salim replaced Lampard with emery of Villa.

Check back to see a list of all the new players into the Premier League since the January Transfer Window

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