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Transfer Day Febgruary 25 11am

Will be held in the Games Zone 5 Strathcona Close

Download Available player lists below


Format of the Day


Round 1

Player at bottom of the league chooses ONE player from any of the top three teams

Player one from bottom of the league chooses ONE player from the two remaining top teams

Player second from bottom of the league chooses ONE player from remaining top team

(In the event of a tie for any of the top 3 or bottom 3 then drawing of lots will take place)


Round 2

Each DoF gets £50 million plus their surplus money from previous auctions

Nominations start from  bottom and go on to first place in order. Nominations and bidding continue in a clockwise direction for the first round and anti clockwise for the second round

There will be TWO rounds of bidding

If no one bids on a player the DoF who nominated him gets that player on a free.

Any money left at end of round TWO is lost!

Round 3

After the two rounds are complete the DoFs take it in turns, as per the bidding rounds, to get players on a free transfer.

There is no limit to how many players DoFs can change.

Cup Draw will then take place, home teams drawn by Mick and Away teams by ?

The Last One Standing - Update

Crystal Gazing!  draw for the next round will take place

Download Transfer Help Sheet

New Players to the Premier League 

Download Keepers

Download Defenders

Download Midfielders

Download Strikers


Transfer Day 2

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